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Capture the moment forever

Life is full of special moments, but some deserve a little bit more than a memory.

Whether you’re marking a special event or paying tribute to a precious personal bond, a diamond is a timeless symbol of love and affection.

LifeGem® Diamonds make it just a little bit more special because they create an everlasting connection between you and a momentous occasion or a loved one.

LifeGem® Diamonds are real diamonds, made from carbon just as they are in nature. But what’s different is the process. With LifeGem®, a diamond that develops over millions of years in nature can be produced just for you in a couple of months using animal or human hair or ashes.

Create an everlasting connection with a diamond created just for you.

Just like a diamond made by nature, all LifeGem Memorial Diamonds are completely individual. The advantage of a LifeGem® diamond is that it’s made just for you! Choose from a range of colours and cuts.

With their incredible allure, diamonds are the perfect way to commemorate something very special. Capture the moment forever with LifeGem®.